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About Phull Team

When it comes to wellness backed by technology, Phulltrial is the numero uno choice. Our belief is to put modern technology to full use and make the experience of living life healthily and holistically.

Established in 2023, Phulltrial caters to the hospital and wellness sector with highly advanced tech solutions in Clinical trials and data abstraction.

For the healthcare sector, data is an important part of facilitating health services. Doing it manually in this day and age is not possible and will be very slow. Phulltrial with its high-end AI-backed solution system in life sciences and medical technology, solves and simplifies huge chunks of data into understandable and user-friendly data in a customized way. It helps healthcare professionals improve their service and enhance the overall experience by giving patients a better chance at life.

The reasons behind Phulltrial’s excellence are the extremely efficient and highly experienced data scientists who work in complete coordination with doctors and healthcare professionals. Our commitment to creating efficient and robust healthcare technology will help the country in managing, strengthening, and improving the data analysis thereby providing better patient experience.

                                                                                                                  Our Vision

Fostering a bridge between healthcare and IT services to bring transparency and technological advancement and creating a patient-centric experience to promote health and well-being.


                                                                                                                Our Mission

To use complex data and simplify it to create growth opportunities and build a trustworthy ecosystem that organises workflow and achieves excellence in the field of healthcare.

•        10+ years of experience handling Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials (Drugs and Vaccines)

•        5+ years of experience with Medical Device trials

5+ years of experience handling Medical data abstraction

Flat Rate -No Change Orders

 A team of highly qualified HIPPA Certified doctors




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